If you want a pampered dive service, you have come to the right place!


  • SAFETY is our always our first priority!

  • Safety come first 

  • Small Groups 

  • ​Private Groups

  • Safe, regularly maintained equipment

  • Our guides are dive instructors 

  • It's family owned and run

  • Tag in and tag out system

Scuba School & Family Dive Center Belize takes diving very seriously whether it is taking a course or recreational diving.   We offer package deals that include annual diving insurance for our divers and we insure each of our Open Water students for free*!  In addition, we want a SAFE, enjoyable experience for everyone, which is why each dive group have a tag in / tag out system so our boat captain always ensure that all our divers are safe in the boat.  With some of the best maintained equipment in the industry, you can rest assured our equipment is safe and comfortable for all divers.  


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Why Scuba School and Family Dive Center Belize

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