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Safety is our priority

To all of our valued and incredible guests. As always, safety is our paramount priority and never compromised. In addition to our normal “Safety First” protocols, the Government of Belize has initiated several mandates as additional requirements to protect everyone. To that end, face masks must be worn while enjoying your landlocked adventures and while on boats. In addition, we will no longer be sharing mouthpieces or having water pouches for use on our boats. 

As part of our commitment to safety, each guest will be required to bring their own mask, mouthpiece, and water bottle to wear an use while on our docks and while on our boats. If you do not wish to bring your own face mask, water bottle, and mouthpiece, do not worry we have a design our COVID protection package which consists of a Bandana/face mask, a Water Bottle, and a Mouth Piece and the best part is they all contain our logo so when you leave you can take a little bit of us with you to remember the family you have just joined. If you decide to purchase our set, we will sell you the set at our cost without any markup for only $30 USD plus tax. Please advise your tour coordinator when booking if you will be needing our package or if you will be bringing your own. We cannot wait to have you with us, be safe and hope to see you very soon. 

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