Safety is our number one priority at Scuba School and Family Dive Center Belize.  We pride ourselves on being the safest dive center in Belize.  There are many precautions and steps that we take to ensure the safety of all of our guests and staff at all times.  Outlined below are details on what makes Scuba School and Family Dive Center Belize so safe!


First of all,Scuba School and Family Dive Center Belize is a PADI & SDI licensed dive facility and in turn, we only have the best PADI & SDI certified Dive Instructors teaching for us.  All of the staff is highly qualified for their position. The boat captains have their boat captain licenses as well as their tour guide license. Our licensed techinician services the diving equipment regulary to ensure all of the gear is working safely.

Safety at SSFDCB

Here at Scuba School and Family Dive Center Belize, we make certain that our guests are safe at all times.  This is done in many ways.  First of all, we always verify that our divers are properly certified.  This entails checking certification cards and/or veriftying online via PADI's website.  If divers do not have proof of their certification and we are unable to find them in the system, we refuse to take them diving as it might endanger their life or the lives of others.  The members of our staff also constantly monitor weather conditions.  If there is unforeseen bad weather, we do not hesitate to cancel a trip and postpone it till a later time for the safety of our guests.  We also ensure the safety of our guests by taking small groups diving.  When working with students, we have at most 4 students to 1 instructor.  When taking certified divers out, we have a maximum of 6 divers to 1 guide.  Before each dive, the safety of divers is explained and certain rules are enforced during the dive briefing.  When diving, dive instructors/masters always carry a dive flag as a signalling device so that the boat captain knows where the divers are at all times.


In addition to ensuring the safety of our guests, we also like to protect our beautiful reef and the marine life in the Caribbean waters.  Thus, we practice the 'magic meter' here at Scuba School and Family Dive Center Belize, which basically means that we encourage all divers to stay approximately one meter above the bottom and reef at all times as to not damage the reef or marine life and also to keep each diver safe from any injury.


For more information on our safety practices, read the reviews on TripAdvisor!

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