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Scuba Diving the Blue Hole in Belize

“The Great Blue Hole”, also known as “The Blue Hole of Belize” is a huge marine cavern (sinkhole) and one of the most magnificent places on our Planet. Further, it is among the most popular destinations for Scuba Diving.

It is worth to mention that biologist Charles Darwin (1836) characterized Belize’s Blue Hole as the most remarkable and richest coral reef in Central America.

Thousands of Scuba divers have already visited Belize in order to explore the Blue Hole, its crystal clear waters and a wide variety of spectacular species. Caribbean Reef Shark & Midnight Parrotfish are some of them.

Where exactly is “The Blue Hole”?

It is in Belize which is an independent country of Central America (north-eastern coast) between Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea on its Eastside.

The “Great Blue Hole” is located close to Lighthouse Reef’s center, a coral atoll 70km (43mi) away from Belize City.

The Great Blue Hole is circular in shape with a length of 318m (around 1,040 ft) and depth of 124m (407 ft).

Scuba Diving in the Blue Hole

One of the most popular activities you can try in Belize is to Scuba dive in its waters, especially in the “Blue Hole”. Many tourists each year visit the country mostly for experiencing the feeling of scuba diving on the circular hole.

You can access the circular hole only by 2 narrow channels as the area is surrounded by the coral reef.

The reef close to Hole’s rim is only a few meters below the sea level; you can see beautiful species of corals, colorful anemones and starlets. This is the reason that is an excellent place for snorkeling as well!

Your dive will begin from either the South or Northside, depending on the weather conditions.

South Side

By diving from the South Side, you can witness the shallowest cave systems at approximately 30m (100ft). It’s not hard to notice that the wall’s angle changes, leading to stalactites that are wider than 3ft and up to 20ft long.

As you continue, the dive becomes more intense by the sight of stalagmites pointing upwards, reminding the jaws of a giant shark! After this, there is an entrance that leads to a cavern system that adds a mysterious feeling for the curious divers.

North Side

The first part of a North Side dive seems similar to the south side. You can see rows of stalactites at about 30-40m (101-141ft), but in contrast with the south side, there are no stalagmites.

The bottom below this point is deeper than 80m (+250ft) and remains almost unexplored due to a large mound of debris and sand.

Ascending Up

After you have admired the beauty of strange rock formations and head your way up, you may encounter Caribbean Reef Sharks or other unique Shark species that are patrolling the reef.

These kinds of sharks are not dangerous to humans unless provoked repeatedly. Anyway, you have nothing to be afraid of, as long as you stay close and follow your guide’s instructions.

If you need to discharge some nitrogen that you absorbed during the deep dive, the coral reef at hole’s rim is probably the best place to do that. There, you can witness colorful kinds of fishes such as Butterflyfishes, Anglerfishes & Groupers.

Other worth-to-mention facts

  • Discovery Channel ranked the Great Blue Hole of Belize as number one on their list about the ten most spectacular places on our planet

  • When the sea level was much lower during the last Ice Age, quaternary glaciations formed the cavern. When the sea level raised again, the cave was flooded with water.

  • The “Great Blue Hole” is Belize’s greatest ‘monument’ as it attracts many tourists every year. It’s one of the most popular dive sites for all Scuba divers worldwide that visit it in order to delete it from their bucket list!

  • Diving in the Great Blue hole is a unique experience that differs from other scuba diving sites. This is because it offers a mysterious, eerie feeling due to the absence of light in its depth.

  • It is the only Blue Hole on Earth that can be seen from the space with the naked eye!


Whether you love diving and you want to live an intense experience or it happened to visit Belize for vacations, Scuba diving in its “Great Blue Hole” is one unforgettable activity that you should try.

The overall trip is breath-taking, from admiring its crystal clear waters with a boat trip to exploring the deep underwater caves and meeting unique plant and fish species.

Your guide will inform you for anything you should be aware of, so you have nothing to worry about if you follow the instructions. No matter if you dive from the north or south side of the hole, you can explore the cave and return home with a remarkable experience!

We have multiple packages available for your trip to scuba dive the Blue Hole! You can see them by clicking here. We look forward to taking you and your party out to see the beautiful Belizean marine life!

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