Bubble Maker  For only $135.00

If you don't have a diving certification then don't worry - anyone can try diving or go diving without a dive certification (age 10+). Children aged 8 or 9 years can also try diving with the PADI Bubble Maker introductory experience.

Bubblemaker offers an easy and enjoyable introduction to the magic of underwater breathing. 

It makes a perfect transition step for children. They can go from watching their parents or older siblings enjoying SCUBA diving, to learning how themselves. No worries though, any age is welcome to participate.

For children ages 8+, this course gets them below the surface and blowing bubbles in a fun filled 1 to 1 ½ hours. After watching an engaging 30 minute video called “PADI  - Discover Scuba Diving,” a PADI certified instructor covers safety considerations in a comfortable way for children. The small class then puts the lessons into practice in water less than 6 feet deep. Safety is the priority.

Students learn how to swim with fins, use a mask, and take their first breaths underwater. 

Once the class starts “blowing bubbles” with ease, the instructor will carefully lead them through to explore the reef to keep their excitement and interest up. 

The dive center provides all the necessary gear: mask, snorkel fins, wet-suit if required, tank, weights, vest, and regulator. 


No special swimming skills are required. Anyone in good health, without a cold or ear infection, is welcome to sign up today!




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