Recreational Diving

Enjoy one to four different local amazing dive sites every day of your vacation. We will take you on an exploration adventure on each dive. Discover new and exciting marine life with every underwater breath you take! All under the protective eye of your divemaster .  Rental gear is available or you can bring your own!
PADI Certified Dive Master
Local Diving

Ambergris Caye is fortunate enough to have some world class dive sites just steps away from the shore. With over 100 dive sites within 6 miles, you can be assured to have great canyon dives.  Most dives are just east of the Meso American Reef and are canyon dives running east and west.

1 tank dive: $50.00

2 tank dive, AM or PM: $80.00

3 tank dive 2 in the AM, 1 in the PM: $110.00

1 tank night dive, Hol Chan or Tuffy: $70.00

Now offering Mainland Tours

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Here is one of our tour we offer, Belize Cave-Tube Xunantunich Tour


This wonderful day of the Belize Cave-Tube Xunantunich Tour begins as we make our way towards the mainland to Belize City. A private bus will be waiting for you and will take you directly to Jaguar Paw. At Jaguar Paw, you travel through the jungle to the Zip Line, where you climb to the first platform. From there you “Zip” through the jungle in eight different stages.

Blue Hole and Turneffe

Blue Hole Belize
Blue Hole  & Turneffe 

Nature's beauty at its best. Pick up is at 5:30 am for a day of diving and lunch.  The first dive is the famous Blue Hole where you will descend to a depth of 130ft to see the underwater that Jacques Cousteau saw so many years ago.  If you are lucky, a school of Reef Shark will meander around.  After a proper surface interval, you will dive the Lighthouse Atoll followed by a lunch and time to see the Red Footed Boobie Birds.  The Aquarium Wall dive will be your last dive of the day and you will be nothing but impressed.

Blue Hole:


48 footer boat for local and blue hole dives
Snorkeling trips can be done at the Tuffy Inn, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, and Tres Cocos. 
Snorkeling ONLY: Call or email for prices



Dive Combo: $70.00 +10.00 park fee
​This is a combination of a one tank dive done at Hol Chan Marine Reserve followed by a snorkeling trip at Shark Ray Alley.



All prices are in USD, Gov. tax not included


Equipment Rental

We are proud to provide safe, regulary maintained equipment for your rental. So if you don't have gear of your own and aren't ready to make that purchase yet, you can rent from us!  If you need a wet suit, we have both shorties and full suits for maximium protection.

Anti microbial Mouthpiece

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scuba diving gear rental
scuba diving gear rental

Mask, fins, snorkel

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BCD rental
BCD rental

we offer gear rental everyday

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Rentals  daily:


BCD $10.00
Regulator $10.00
Mask, Snorkel, Fins $10.00 total
Wet Suit $10.00
FULL SET $25.00
Light rental $15.00
Lion Fish
Recreational Divers
Blue Hole Belize
All prices are in usd, Gov. tax not included